Originated in Central Asia or India, threading is an ancient technique used to remove unwanted hair, specially on the eyebrows and facial area, also known as “Khite” or “Tying”. It started about 6,000 years ago and spread throughout Asia and Middle East. Threading has gained popularity recently in Europe and many other western countries.

The technique consists in getting an antibacterial cotton thread which is doubled, twisted and then rolled over the skin to gently remove an entire line of unwanted hair from the follicle. It is a very precise method which allows for a better definition of the eyebrows.

Threading is faster than plucking and there are not chemicals involved, opposite to waxing, that might affect your skin.


Many cities have salons that offer eyebrow threading services. If you’re not confident with your ability to do it yourself, see a professional! Threading improperly could result in eyebrows that don’t look good. At Hairitage Studio we offer threading services done by Anoosh, call 661.904.8959 to set an appointment.


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