Fight the rain-induced frizziest

Weather experts say there will be a lot of rain this year because the “El Niño” phenomenon and of course with a lot of rain we will have a lot of frizzy hair.


I came across some tips to keep that frizz away from you. I’m sharing this 12 tips from

  1. Starting by washing your hair, use lightweight shampoo and conditioner.Make sure they contain silicone, proteins and emollients to fill in the gaps of your hair cuticle and smoothen it. Make sure too, that it doesn’t have the drying ingredients such as alcohol.
  2. Before you do anything, get out of the bathroom and style your hair in another room.The bathroom is humid enough after using the shower plus the added moisture of the wet season. This will only make styling your hair more difficult and rebellious to the flat iron.
  3. Dry hair using a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt -our aim here is to prevent frizzing.The fabric of terry towels is too rough for the hair and increases the amount of friction in the hair upon drying. The fabrics of microfiber towels and t-shirts are smoother, glides on hair easily and cause less friction. Scrunch hair lightly from ends and up near the base of the shafts.
  4. Apply a small amount of your favourite Light Hold Hair Gel to damp hair.You can also blow dry it to the coolest setting until it’s dry about 80 percent.
  5. Apply Thermal Spray Protectant after.This locks in moisture and protects your hair from the heat of the styling tools you will use later. This will also act as a climate control product when you will go outside; remember, you need to moisturize to prevent your hair from frizzing.
  6. Use a round brush while you blow dries your locks.By blow drying your locks 100%, it decreases the chance of moisture in the air clumping to the outside moisture of your hair. We are aiming for sealed-in moisture to prevent frizzing. To smooth the hair cuticles of your locks, blow dry by 2 inches sections using a round brush down the shaft with the nozzle pointing down to the tips of your hair.
  1. Upon drying, put your flat iron to the lowest or coolest setting.Tie up your hair and start at the nape then iron your hair section by section. Finally, finish with the rest of your locks and keep in mind to let the flat iron straighten your hair once or twice. Heat damage can also cause frizzing so let’s keep heat damage on hair to the minimum.
  2. Apply a modest amount of shine serum-this will seal the cuticle, smooth flyaway hairs and add shine to your locks.
  3. Spray on a light hold hairspray-remember to keep the use of hair products to the minimum especially in when the weather is humid. The environment is different than usual so what maybe moderate in hair care amounts during sunny days will be too much when the skies are gray.  It will actually cause your hair to frizz even more due to the combination of the increased air humidity and the drying chemicals of the hair products.
  4. After styling, wait for at least five minutes before you go out and carpe diem. You need your hair to cool down to seal the hair cuticle and hold the hair style. You can use the blow dryer to dry your hair to the coolest setting. You also need for it to dry to let your favorite hair products settle in the hair cuticles of your locks.
  5. Bring out your Girl Scout Mindset and be prepared. Remember to bring a comb, hair spritz and even a mini iron to keep looking bright and cheery to otherwise dreary skies.
  6. Avoid touching your hair -your hands contain enough sweat and oil that can frizz hair too.




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